3 thoughts on “Who Wants Black Women

  1. This is really sad. The attitude that some Black men have about all Black women. There are actually good Black women who value Black men, but we get no love in return. I really don’t have time for hatred and ignorance like them and I can’t believe I wasted at least 5 minutes out of my life listening to this negativity.

    1. Listen, everybody is tired of semantics. We know it’s not all black women, so stop with the same dumb ass reply every black woman says every five minutes. Come up with something new.

  2. you have no idea what you are talking about! a black man who calls himself a nigga? i know so very many black women, with men of all races, you are stereotyping black women! a clean cut black male can get with any women pick your pants up put on a belt and act like a man! my brother is 24 has his own business very professional, my dad a black man, an engineer has done very well for himself..my point is, you are what you make of yourself, not all black men don’t take care of their children, or use your disgusting profanity. wow you sit and call women bitches and you think your worth something? i think you just hate women in general, unless you can step on her and slap her around and walk her like a dog you don’t want her. what of your mothers?
    you can delete my comment if you want, but i am right! i am a happily married black women

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