Things Women Do That Annoy Men

Check out this article that I wrote for Singles Warehouse. I go into detail about what women do that annoy men.

Sometimes the men that women date might be annoyed by the things they do. Below is a list of things that women do that annoy men.


Men can’t stand a woman who is a nag. This annoys men because men like to feel like they are the ones in charge. They don’t like to be told what to do, when to do it, or how it should be done. This is also when men find women the least attractive. A woman who isn’t very physically attractive, but isn’t nagging a man will look better than a physically attractive woman who is nagging

Negotiating With Sex

Some women will sometimes use sex to try to negotiate to get things that they want. They will say things like “I’ll have sex with you if you buy me those shoes” or “I’ll go down on you if you take out the trash”. This might seem like it wouldn’t annoy some men because they might think all I have to do is this or that and she will give me sex, but what annoys men is that it hurts their ego. When a woman is negotiating, a man is thinking that she must not really like him that much if the only reason she will have sex with him is if he buys her some high heels. Sometimes a woman will even withhold sex if she isn’t getting her way. A woman might try to negotiate with her boyfriend and say “You’re not getting any until you clean the garage”.

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