A Night Out With Mr. Locario (May 3rd 2013)


So I went out last night to this spot and met some really cool people. I went on Meetup.com to see what was happening in the city because it was nice out and I knew there was going to be some chicks out dressed half naked. I was right. On my way to the event  I saw a good number of chicks showing some skin. There was this fine ass chick with some sexy ass legs walking toward me. I hollered at her and she was receptive. (Don’t you just love when chicks cooperate)


Anyway I went to this meet up event at this spot called the DL Rooftop. It was for this Japanese dude named “Aki” it was his 32nd birthday and he was a part of this group called the Japanese American Culture Exchange.

Damn I just realized I didn’t even get a picture with Aki because I was too busy flirting with these chicks






Anyway everyone was real cool. Some of the people I met there were still getting the hang of the english language so it was kind of interesting to try to communicate. There was this one girl there who I couldn’t understand that well and she was trying to teach me some Japanese. It’s funny, even though we couldn’t really understand each other, with the body language I could tell this chick was choosing. Every time I got up and started talking to anyone else I would see her starring at me the whole time.

They had birthday cake, bottles of liquor and some dude even brought donuts to the event. I met this one dude and I was talking to him and I told him that I was a dating coach and I gave him my card. He got all excited and was trying to get me to teach him how to pick up girls on the spot. This usually happens when I go out. I not even going to lie, I love to see people’s eyes light up when I tell them what I do and then when I get to help them it’s the best feeling in the world.

I have to admit I sometimes kind of feel funny when I got to events because a lot of times (not all the time but a lot) when I step in the room people just look at me as if they are intimidated by me or something. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a tall black guy or what but a lot of times there will be a group of people who will just keep looking at me and not say anything. So I always smile and introduce myself to everybody and then people just start to become really friendly. I guess sometimes you have to be the one to initiate and kick off the positive energy to get things rolling.

They had one of those unisex bathrooms with a bathroom attendant. So you would wait until someone comes out the stall and then you would go in. This one hot chick came out the stall and she obviously took a shit because you could smell it when she came out. I know it’s fucked up but for some reason I couldn’t find her attractive anymore because I could smell her shit.

Oh yeah and the Knicks won. Everyone was excited about that.

I was going to stay home and chill last night but i’m glad I didn’t. I had a good time. Don’t stay home all the time. Go out and meet some people.

-Mr. Locario

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