Mr. Locario Interview on “The Thinking Man’s Zone”

Check out this interview I did on “The Thinking Man’s Zone” website where I talk about my thoughts on Hip Hop, Why I think Steve Harvey’s dating Advice Sucks and more.

Morgan: Who is Mr. Locario? Give us your story.

Mr. Locario: I’m a dating and life coach, speaker, actor, and filmmaker. I have also done a lot of rap performances.

Morgan: Give us your experiences with dating. Were you always good with women, or did you make lots of mistakes?

Mr. Locario: Believe me, I have not always been good with women! When I was younger, I didn’t understand women at all and I wasn’t very confident. I had to make a lot of mistakes to get to know the dating game, and get to know myself in the dating game.

Morgan: What made you want to go into the field of giving dating advice?

Mr. Locario: I’ve always liked helping people. With so much of my own knowledge, experience, and success in the dating game, I realized that I could teach others how to succeed as well. I started with my friends, who were always asking for advice anyway. When I saw how much I could help people who might have been in the same position I was in when I was younger, I started reaching out to a larger audience.

Morgan: Within recent years, there have been many books and dating experts who have emerged, which makes me think that men and women today have issues with dating. What do you think is the root of these problems?

Mr. Locario: I actually address these issues and explain how to overcome them in my book, How to Have Sex with Two Women a Day. The issues people have with dating come from what they believe about themselves and how they approach others. They are not honest with themselves about who they are or with other people about what they want. They hear and believe a lot of misinformation about relationships that doesn’t really help them. They are also afraid to be more honest, to reconsider the misinformation, or to take chances. They allow this fear to get in the way of finding what they want in their dating lives.

Morgan: Were there any dating gurus who have inspired you? If so, who are they and why?

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