Mr. Locario Interview with

1. Can you briefly discuss your bio and background as it relates to becoming a dating coach?

” I’ve been coaching men and women about dating and relationships for the past 6 years. I have a number of books, DvD’s and audio programs that help people with any problem they may have in their dating lives.”

2. How many dates are required before a man should try and pursue sex with a woman? Are there signs guys should look for?

“A man actually doesn’t need to go on any dates to pursue sex with a woman. If a man just wants sex I always tell men to be straight up with the woman they are talking to and tell her that he just wants to hook up with her. If she is into him and wants to have sex too then she will have sex with him. If a guy wants to date he could also have sex with a woman on the first date. The signs to look for to see if a woman is interested in you sexually is to see how she responds to you being sexual toward her. So if a man is on a date he should flirt and touch her in a way that is displaying that he wants to get sexual and then if she responds positively to that then he should take her to a hotel or go back to her place.”

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