3 thoughts on “Why Women Fail In The Dating Game (Mr. Locario’s Response To Female Blogger Eden Hanson)

  1. This woman is CLEARLY mad because you are doing something she can’t. I’ve been following you for awhile and I’ve seen sooooo many improvements because you have informed me on how to do it. So keep doing your thing man because you’re changing lives for sure.

  2. ahahahah she’s black. ok. Yeah she’s extremely unprofessional to come at you like that all you did was ask her if she could help you. It’s like you could tell how emotional she was just from what she said in the blog, if you are emotional how are you going to give people advice? She’s ridiculous lol

    1. Exactly Jeffery!

      She didn’t even let me know that she was going to post that blog. I thought the exchange that we had was going to be just through that email. I didn’t mind that she didn’t want to post my stuff. That is up to her but I find it funny for her to say she won’t promote me on her blog because she doesn’t like what I’m about but then she goes and talks about me on her blog lol.

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