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Guys usually get frustrated when they expect to go out on a date with a woman and then she flakes at the last minute.

There are times when there is a legitimate reason why a woman can’t show up on a date, but that is usually rare.

In most cases, women will flake on men because they just want attention and an ego boost.

Below I explain five reasons why women really flake on you.

1. She has a boyfriend.

Sometimes you will meet a girl, talk to her and exchange numbers. You think since the conversation went so well, you will be seeing her again real soon.

You call her to try to set up a date, but you either don’t hear back or you make a plan to meet up and she backs out at the last minute.

Sometimes a girl with flake on you because she already has a boyfriend. She gave you her number because she just wanted your attention and likes seeing random guys call her up so she can get an ego boost.

She never really had any intentions of seeing you again because she has a boyfriend already.

2. You weren’t her first choice.

Most of the women you approach are getting offers from guys to go on dates all the time. So if you go out and approach a woman today, she most likely had at least six other guys approach her before you did.

The problem is a woman will give out her number to a lot of men, but out of those men, there is one who she really likes.

So let’s say she gave you and one of those other six guys her number. That means she now has two guys trying to go out with her.

Let’s say you call her and y’all make a plan to go out on a date on Saturday night. She agreed to go out with you, but what she really wanted to happen was for the other guy to call her because she liked him more than she liked you.

Now what usually happens is the guy she really likes calls her after you already made plans with her and says, “Hey, I want to see you Saturday night.”

She ends up seeing him and flaking out on you because you were not her first choice – he was.

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