3 thoughts on “A Message To Women That Don’t Like Men Who Want To Go Dutch On Dates

  1. For the record you illiterate fuc….. this is the definition of ‘Prostitution’….. so just because you ‘PAY’ for a date is NO GUARANTEE that you will automatically get SEX…… and if you PAY for the DATE expecting SEX in return……. then that makes you more of a JOHN….. than it does her a PROSTITUTE!!!!!

    Boy you lame azz, STD having, Mytches….kill me trying to brand your BS as relationship advice…. because you can’t MAN UP!!!! roflmbao

    pros·ti·tu·tion [pros-ti-too-shuhn, -tyoo-] Show IPA
    1. the act or practice of engaging in sexual intercourse for money.
    2. base or unworthy use, as of talent or ability.

    1. Funny how you call someone illiterate and you don’t even know how to write.

      Also it seems like you don’t know how to listen. I said if a woman feels that a man needs to pay for her in order to spend time with her that is the definition of prostitution.

      You are talking about “man up” but being a man has nothing to do with paying for a woman because she feels that she is entitled because she has a vagina.

      Get over yourself

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