They Are Trying To Shut Me Up!

So now has shut down my account. Can someone please tell me what the hell i’m doing wrong here. YouTube shut down like 12 of my accounts. This other site called shut down my account because so many women were complaining about not liking what I say to the point that the Ceo of that company wrote me a personal letter to tell me he had to shut my account down. What am I doing or saying that is so wrong. I really want to know. I got shut down on this other site called LiveLeak and I only posted one video and it was a video of me talking about “How to be Happy In Your life”. WTF. What am I doing so wrong or so different than other people that my shit has to be shut down so much. I really want to know what I’M DOING WRONG because I don’t like to blame other people for things happening in my life but I really don’t get it. I remember at one point I had some people who seem like they were stalking me online because soon as i would post something on one of these sites it would be flagged within 5 minutes of me putting it up. I put up a video called “6 tips on achieving your goals” and it was flagged within an hour. So is it really the content or is it something else.

I look at the terms of service on these sites and I haven’t violated any. Most of what I do is just me talking. I can’t even get a meet up group started on Every time I sign up to become a meet up organizer they either don’t approve my account of it they do it ends up getting shut down within a couple of weeks with no explanation. This is why i’m so glad that I have my sites and Every time I a video on another one of these video sharing sites it’s just to get a little bit of extra hits here and there but I can’t take it too seriously because at any moment they might shut down my shit.

THIS IS WHY IT’S SO IMPORTANT TO HAVE YOUR OWN SHIT. So at the end of the day I can still do what I have to do on my own site a I’m so thankful for the people who support me and what I do.

I just really would like to know what am I doing wrong. Or maybe the real reason I’m being shut down is because I’m doing something right!

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-Mr. Locario