A Night Out With Mr. Locario Sept. 25th 2013

So I went out to this event at some bar/restaurant that I can’t remember the name of right now but I had a pretty good time. It was a networking event for models, actors, filmmakers and producers.

When I first got there I ran into one of my friends who I haven’t seen in a while who owns a casting agency. We talked for a minute and he introduced me to some cute chicks.

After that I went to the bar and got a soda. I didn’t want to get a drink because sodas are cheaper at bars than an alcoholic drink and on top of that I don’t want liquor in my system when I’m networking or when I’m just hollering at chicks.

While I’m at the bar I was talking to this fine ass indian chick. She reminded me of one of my ex girlfriends. We were talking and she was telling me that she was there by herself and that she felt kind of weird coming to a bar alone and that she was kind of freaked out and nervous by that. I find it interesting that a lot of conversations that I’ve had with women over the past couple of months had them telling me how scared they felt about doing something they did or how fearful they feel about what they are doing. I’m like what’s up with that.

Anyway so after I was talking to the cute indian chick this cute milf chick starts checking me out so I start talking to her but I’m kind of not paying attention to her after a while because I start to remember why I came to the spot in the first place which was to network on some business type shit but I’m getting distracted by the females in the spot.




It’s funny to me how when I talk to women sometimes or when women are around I get into mack mode automatically without even realizing it. I have to sometimes step back and stop myself and focus. It’s like my mind is conditioned to just flirt every time I’m talking to a chick. Even when I’m not even that attracted to a chick it just seems to happen.


So now I’m going around the room talking to almost everyone I see and getting my networking on and trying not to get all touchy feely with these chicks. It was hard too because a lot of the women in the spot were cooperating like a mother fucker.





I was talking to a couple of guys in the spot and we were pointing out to each other the women in the place that we think would get it. One girl who over heard us talking told us that we were creepy. That was fun.








By the end of the night I got a lot of numbers and business cards. I met this guy there that is doing a film that is going to be on HBO. He gave me his information and told me that he wants me to audition for the film. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. That would be great If I got that gig.





So I had a pretty good time at this event, met some cool people and kicked it with some cute chicks. This chick right here though……..NICE!!!!!!!!!!!.

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