3 Online Dating Profile Mistakes Women Make

Check out this article I wrote for singleswarehouse.co.uk where I drop some heavy online dating game for the ladies.

Sometimes it can be tough trying to find someone that you like on an online dating site. What will make finding the right guy even harder, is if you make these three common mistakes that most women do on their online dating profiles. If you want to find the right guy and make online dating easier for you, make sure you avoid making them!

Being in a Picture With a Friend Who is More Attractive Than You

Men are visual creatures. A man is going to contact you if he finds you physically attractive. If you have a main profile picture with you and a friend who is more attractive than you, then he is not going to know which one of the girls you are. He will hope that you are the more attractive of the two women, but it will turn him off once he clicks on your other pictures and sees that you are the less attractive girl. Even if your main profile is just a picture of you and then he looks at your other pictures and finds a picture of you and your hotter friend, he will probably find you less attractive by comparison. It’s best to only have pictures of yourself on your online dating profile.


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