New Mr. Locario Membership Audio For Jan. 1st 2014 (How To Get Girls From The Club Back To Your Place)

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In the Mr. Locario membership program you get exclusive 45-90 min “How To” dating advice audio/video lectures every month. You will not find these on you tube or any other site. The only way to hear these exclusive programs is to become a member.

The New Mr. Locario Membership audio that will be dropping in Jan 1st 2014 is:

“How To Get Girls From The Club Back To Your Place”

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In this audio you will learn:

* What to say when you approach a girl in the club

* How to talk to girls who are in groups

* How to get a girl to want to go home with you in 2 easy steps

* What time you should get to the club and what time you should leave

* How to pick up girls with or without a wingman

* What to do before you go to the club that will actually increase your chances of bringing a girl back to your place

* and much more.

If you join the membership you will get a new program each month. If you join today you will also get programs from past months like:

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Make sure you join the membership today!!!

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