The Top 10 Blog Post on for 2013

Below is a list of my top 10 post of 2013. These are the post on this site that got the most hits for the year of 2013. Click on each of them to check it out.

Thanks for all of the support and I will continue to give you that good game for 2014.

-Mr. Locario


10. The Easiest Way To Meet Women & Get Laid

9. How To Attract Women Who Claim They Have a Boyfriend

8. Who Wants Black Women

7. Never Act This Way When You Talk To Women

6. 4 Tips On How To Avoid Women Who Will Waste Your Time

5. The Truth About Attracting Women: Why Some Men Do & Why Some Men Don’t

4. Pharrell Tells The Truth About What Women Are Attracted To

3. 5 Reasons Why Women Flake On You

2. Never Ever Treat A Hot Chick Like This

1. Women Are Not The Problem

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