The Truth About Attracting Women: Why Some Men Do & Why Some Men Don’t

Check out this article I found in the archives where I go into detail and explain why some men seem to attract women and why some have a hard time in the dating game.

You ever heard the phrase “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” That also applies to guys getting women. The guys that get women usually attract more women and the guys that don’t have women usually have a hard time in the dating game trying to attract women and end up not getting any.

The reason for this is the way they think and their attitude towards everything. Some rich men were poor before they were rich so at one point the rich man and the poor man were on the same level. The rich man became rich and the poor man remained poor because the rich man started thinking differently than the poor man.

So the rich man “thought” that he has the ability to make a lot of money. So once he started to think that and believe that then he started to do things in order to make money. The only reason he started to do things is because he believed that he could.


Now the poor man stayed poor because he thought that he can’t make any money. He probably started thinking it’s too hard to make money because of the economy, because he isn’t smart enough or that he doesn’t have the skills to become rich. So once he started to think and believe that then he started to do things that stopped him from making money.

Lets say for example at one point this poor man thought about starting a business so he could get to the level of the rich man. He might have had an idea to get a second job to get extra income and use that money to start up that business. However, in this poor man’s mind he believed that he wont be able to find a second job because of the recession. Since he believed this he didn’t bother to try to look for that job. Since he wasn’t looking he didn’t get a job and now he isn’t making any extra money to save up to start his business and as a result, he stays POOR.


So this applies to you when you are talking to women. If you think and believe that you can get women you will do things that will drive you in the direction to get women. If you believe that you can’t get women then you will do things that will drive you in a direction away from women.


Part of the reason most men try and still get rejected is because when they approach these women, they still believe in the back of their minds they can’t get these women so they bring that energy with them when they interact with the female and the woman can sense your fear.

She sees that you’re not confident and she starts to see you as unattractive because of your lack of self confidence.

Another reason is men think they are trying but they really aren’t trying hard enough. In a month most guys will probably talk to about 8 or 9 girls (sometimes less than that) and get rejected by all of them and say : I’VE TRIED TO GET WOMEN BUT I HAVE NO LUCK AND I KEEP GETTING REJECTED

On average men should be talking to and approaching at least 100 girls a month. Out of those 100 you will probably get 10 of those girls contact info and 90 of them you wont get with. Out of those 10 girls you will probably only see 3 of these girls again for a first date and out of those 3 you will most likely get to sleep with 1. Then after that you repeat the process and talk to another 100 girls if you want to get with more girls.

That’s how it goes. Once you start to get really good at talking and interacting with girls your chances get better. Guys get fooled into thinking that every girl they talk to they have to hit it off with and if they don’t then they are a looser. The winners realize that they have to put in work and that it’s a numbers game. We live in a society where we praise the successful people but don’t acknowledge the hard work that went into them being successful.

The rich guy knows that he might fail a couple of times before he succeeds. The poor guy is down and out and gives up after the first or second failure. He then looks at the rich guy that has what he wants and thinks the rich guy is either lucky or has some type of skill that he doesn’t have. The only difference is the rich guy thought and believed he could and remained focused and persistent.

When it comes to getting women you have to decide if you want to be the rich guy or the poor guy. The choice is up to you.

-Mr. Locario

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