Why You Only Attract Average Looking Women


Some guys wonder why they can’t attract hot women. Check out the podcast below to find out why you might be only attracting average looking women.

Click here to listen:

[audio:http://mrlocariotv.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Why-You-Only-Attract-Average-Looking-Women.mp3|titles=Why You Only Attract Average Looking Women]

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One thought on “Why You Only Attract Average Looking Women

  1. Mr. Locario, I have a question that maybe you can do a podcast or a video on. I have never seen it done. How can guys attract a popular female. Not a female that is just attractive, but a female who has a lot of friends and popular in the community and church. She’s attractive and has plenty of suitors, but never seems to be in a relationship. Are these women undercover hoes or just women with extremely high standards? I suppose these women get lonely and have sexual desires also.

    Thanks in Advance

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