It’s been a long time coming

First I want to say thanks for all the support. To everyone who subscribed, clicked to view a video, or shared a video with a friend, thank you. That being said, I’m happy to announce the launch of my new site:

This is where I will be posting all the classic videos and all my new videos. Come back and check it often. There will be different videos posted every day and new videos posted every week.

I know there are a lot of supporters out there and I just want to make a promise right here and now. As long as I have breath in my body, and an internet connection you will see Mr. Locario.

This is an example of how you must never allow anything or anyone to get in the way of your Truth. The real purpose of obstacles is to make you stronger. They make you stronger by inspiring you to become more resourceful, creative, and persistent than you ever thought you could be.

Thank you for your continued support

-The Bad Boy of Dating, Mr. Locario


Hey thanks for stopping by my site. Please feel free to take these videos and pass them along to your friends. If you have any dating questions or concerns and want me to make a video about it please contact me at or

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  1. Dear Mr.locario,
    My name is codycash and i love what you do..You make it seem so easy but i know it probly took you a minute to figure what you know out.What im saying is me as a black youth (21) i wish to learn from you but i know your ebook ,etc cost money nd i dont have nooo job ..imma keep it 1000 with you because i kno u aint got time for bullshit ..I grew up getting picked on about not getting bitches lmaoo i kno u hear that alot but its crazy how this happens and people wonder why theres so much gang activity..but what i want is to be that (Excuse my dialect) i wanna be that nigga!! Because i feel like if im that nigga then ill jave peace within myself…but not only that but whats even deeper is that the ability to get women is also an economic tool as well as a power tool which is what i want and i kno i prolly sound crazy but this is whats real nd u cant tell me im lying so thats why i say to you if u could find it in your heart,or if u can afford to take the loss …to please send me a link or summin to your ebook 2 women a day because i feel like if i gain that knowledge ill make it to the top because of how ill use the information.Im not the average dude im more intuitive and clairvoyant nd i see potential in this knowldege as more than just getting sex but gaining power…but thats my peace nd if this is something u could see yourself doing just send the link to
    Truly yours, CodyCash

  2. Hello this is age Haynes leaving a message about having to get an open relationship. If you feel you like that woman who is the particular one try to decide what’s the next chick you like so you won t be uptight in yourself emotionally and confidentally. That is my opinion about having to look for someone out there.

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